Friday, August 28, 2009

Pendant ??

evolution of rib and soul and number idea. Want to have a through line with jewelry and painting. Maybe large 413 on canvas - incorporating ribcage and soul tabs - chalky gesture marks on dark ground - in oil though. Use mineral spirits to melt paint some - blending elements - hard lines too, but well placed, important marks - get canvas for monday- do more large drawings w/ charcoal - try white chalk on black or dark paper. That might be too common - push it, feel it - don't cop out - go farther. listen.

Jewelry ideas

Susan Rothenberg

Love the black on white and the repeated gesture. She broke the "rules" by using only 2 forms and keeping her paper horizontal even though the forms would rest more comfortably in a vertical format.
I want to make huge painting like the ones on the left. I like the black background - Gonna prepare some canvases with black instead of white gesso.